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Bank Holidays

Bank holidays are payable throughout the year, you may then claim hours paid for as bank holidays back as EXTRA unpaid hours, subject to availability within the nursery.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day may be claimed back between January and Easter.

Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day and Spring Bank Holiday may be claimed back between Easter and the end of term in July.

August Bank Holiday may be claimed back between September and Christmas.

Contracted Hours

Unfortunately the nursery can not accommodate swapping hours as this affects our child/adult ratios. You may book extra hours for your child subject to availability within the nursery.


Prescribed medication can be administered in nursery after 48 hours of being prescribed.

Non prescription medication such as calpol, one 5ml dose may be given at parent / carer consent.

Ongoing medical conditions such as asthma / eczema can be treated in nursery following correct procedures and administration guidelines. A care plan will be developed for your child and will be reviewed regularly.


The nursery is fitted with Bio-Metric finger print recognition on the entrances. Parents / carers and other authorised adults can then enter nursery / open doors using there fingerprint.

The nursery also uses a password system when unfamiliar adults collect children from nursery.

Out of school

The nursery offers a before and after school facility. We provide out of school care for all four local schools and take and collect the children at the end of the day.